Parents and families ,

The following pages give an overview of information which should help support your child(ren) throughout their time here at Holy Rosary School.

As partners of the school, we ask parents/carers to play an active role in the education of their children.

We invite you to participate in activities and consultation related to the education of your children throughout the school year, via Parents Evenings, Parent Forums, PTA friends group (raising money for the school) and individual events.
We ask you to co-operate with the school and other parents creating a loving environment.

The 'Important Information' section helps you to understand your  rights and responsibilities as parents/carers giving guidance to the education of your child(ren) and how those rights and responsibilities are reflected in the policies and practices of the school.

We encourage and would like you to provide opinions and suggestions for school improvement.

As parents/carers of the school you will be provided with comprehensive information related to:
 The education provided to your children;
 The operation of the school;
 Your child's performance at school and how this is assessed;
 Performance of the school and how they are assessed.
Put forward your views about what the school is doing well and make suggestions on how it could be developed further.

Working together at both home and school  will help towards guidance,  good behaviour and general development of our children. Please keep school staff informed of your child's progress and any significant events that may affect your children's learning.

e-mail  suggestions