We at the Holy Rosary school believe that through Christ
anything is

possible. We aim to inspire our children to learn; encourage
them to grow in respect of others and fill them with love.
We strive to work together with the whole community to live

out the Gospel message
​and build the Kingdom of God.  

Within our school we develop the mission statement above through:  

Whole school and Class Assemblies
Our RE lead {Mrs Dyche} and our worship group known as ‘The Messengers’ lead the children in worship based on the Gospel readings of that week or the previous Sunday.

The Headteacher leads assemblies on Wednesday afternoon with themes that focus on our school ethos, catholic identity and worship. These assemblies are sometimes led by external agencies such as CAFOD or Missionary workers and serve to further develop our children’s Personal, Social, Moral and Physical development.

On a Friday afternoon we have an achievement assembly. A beautiful celebration of the children; their accomplishments both in and out of school and an opportunity for parents to share in our school life.

During the year each class leads their own act of worship / assembly to the whole school community. This reflects an aspect of the liturgical year or follows the work they have done within their RE lessons.

Vocation and Mission
Our children are encouraged to lead the school in acts of charity and mission that support others. Each year our classes choose a vocational intention of their own. Such events and activities are shared via our school newsletter, twitter and within the school reflection journal.

Hymn Practice
Takes place every week and is an opportunity for our children to learn new songs of worship for masses and other acts of worship in school.

Celebration of Mass
We celebrate mass as a school in the hall at least once a half term. Classes celebrate mass  

‘The Messengers’ also work with children in other classes to develop their class liturgy and understanding of worship.

Class Liturgies
These acts of worship take place in classes each week and are led by our children.

Statements to live by
Each week the children are encouraged to think about how they feel, act and treat others. These statements are shared every four weeks with our school community via the weekly newsletter.

Prayer Garden and Prayer areas
We encourage the children to take time for spontaneous prayer. There are various areas around the school and within classes for the children to take this time to pray.